What Will Be Hot In 2019?

It would have been unthinkable for us to have foreseen how digitally dependent we would become as a society and our communication, operations and online platforms have predominantly transformed our daily work routines. Technology has evolved to become an integral part of life, with over half of the world’s population having access to the internet and with this increase of users, has also grown a contesting online advertising sector.

The marketing of services and products on the web is arguably the most competitive industry in the world. With so many different methods and strategies to drive traffic, it remains vitally important to stay updated on the deluge of digital marketing trends. As we slowly approach the new year, various techniques are being predicted to surge during 2019.

Artificial intelligence has certainly been a hot topic over the last twelve months, and while the phrase is not entirely brand-new jargon, many leaders in the marketing industry are expecting AI to make newly significant impacts in their 2019 campaigns. Machine learning, with its analysing of behaviour and search patterns, has been a prominent factor in helping organisations find more detail about their customer’s searches, particularly when it comes to how users find products/services. With Google’s use of RankBrain, the role of AI remains the central focus in understanding most search queries online, specifically now about prompting ‘implied intent’ results.

The increasing importance of artificial intelligence inevitably coincides with the growth of technology and the easy access modern society now possesses towards the web. This quick development of AI also interlinks with the contemporary emphasis on the use of chatbots. Chatbots are a useful tool for businesses, as they help provide a level of beneficial customer service, without requiring a human face. The computer programme conducts answers to frequently asked questions and given the development of AI; these answers are beginning to break down the barrier of just simplistic solutions. Expect many organisations to place a heavier emphasis on their chatbots throughout the new year, as they have reintroduced themselves as a method that can assist in various ways from e-commerce chat, customer service support to even educational purposes.

On the topic of known methods making a resurgence, 2019 should also be the year where organisations finally recognise the power of video marketing and more specifically, YouTube itself. Despite having been around for over thirteen years now, the platform has recently evolved into a great tool for advertisers to share their products on. Whether it be through the contemporary trend of influencer marketing or live streaming, customers are becoming increasingly drawn towards video material. The platform is being tipped by many to one-day eclipse TV regarding general viewership, and when considering the massive influx of younger viewers online, the numbers are certainly there to support this claim.

Users online are continuously in search of creative content to engage with, and videos are an interactive and mostly cost-efficient strategy in grabbing your customer’s attention. Available to stream via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, videos are shared by millions daily – the key is to keep them short, compelling and interactive. The latest craze for videos has subsequently resulted in many marketers playing stress onto social media stories, where small snippets of information and products online to their followers. Social media stories will certainly remain a key tactic in raising brand awareness throughout 2019, as they continue to be a convenient and cost-efficient method to share information to followers quickly.  

Similar to artificial intelligence, another existing form of technology that is expected to create new waves in the digital world is the use of voice assistant products. Voice searches are expected to experience a significant wealth of uses over in the future, with an expected 30% of all searches to be made without a screen in 2020. The increasing use of smart speakers is already sparking changes in the world of SEO, where marketers are having to quickly adapt to these drastic changes, particularly when it comes to optimising for these voice searches.

Through voice searching, users will be given fewer indexed pages to choose from and in some cases, only one. If Google ranking wasn’t competitive enough, marketers would now need to focus more attention on their featured snippets and metadata, as this contextual information is what voice assistants pick up on. Currently, voice searches are a beneficial factor behind driving traffic towards more local businesses, as most of the searches revolve around operational hours and contact information. However, given the constant development of devices and their voice assistants, these searches are forecasted to expand very quickly.

As opposed to physically typing in a query, it has been recorded that the majority of people who use voice search actually use different keywords. The collection of voice search data will, therefore, need to be monitored and differentiated from typed in queries, as advertisers will begin to track different keywords for the same type of query. Voice searching is arguably the quickest evolving feature of this article, and the devices are already impacting the marketing world as we speak.

The most prominent voice assistant device is Amazon’s Alexa, which is shaping up the way many businesses go about their marketing campaigns. In fact, any product query used on the device will link users back to Amazon’s own market space, resulting in an increase in revenue for the online retailer. Voice search assistants can also be found across most smartphones like Siri in the iPhones and the S Voice in Samsung phones. Given the simple and easy nature that entails with voice searches, from a user’s perspective, it is certainly the way forward, so ensure to have marketing tactics that coincide effectively with these types of searches.

In the midst of our digital era, it feels an almost impossible task to stay updated with the continuous rise and development of technology. The continuous evolving of devices and machines has created a modern society that continuously demands innovative online content. However, this is what keeps the digital marketing industry alive. Being versatile to change methods and campaigns to fit with customer’s requirements is a pivotal factor in remaining alive in the online world. Stay updated with the latest trends and stay ahead of the game in a world that is unforgiving to those who dare to stand still.