The Many Benefits of Responsive Search Ads

Google, the world’s biggest search engine, continues to reign supreme as the most influential website on the planet, and their latest modification to PPC ads are designed to ensure their dominance.

The new customised Google Responsive Search Ads (RSA) promises to ‘supercharge your existing search campaigns with bigger, more relevant text ads’ by allowing digital marketers to supply up to 15 headlines and four descriptions for each RSA, which enable Google machine learning to match the perfect PPC ad combination to potential customers.

In terms of performance, using RSA for paid ads should lead to increased clicks & conversions by up to 10%. Compared to orthodox expanded PPC text ads, they can compete in more auctions and match more search queries. Through the inclusion of more headlines, Google Ads can test a variety of combinations and learn what works best, and serve up ads that meet those criteria in the future.

Due to such large numbers of possible headlines and descriptions for each search query, Google has allowed the option to pin certain headlines or summaries. For the gambling industry, this is extremely important.

Gambling advertising and promotions are strictly regulated, which is why compliance is a central aspect of all marketing at ActiveWin. For instance, the majority of our advertisement requires salient terms and conditions to be stated clearly to the reader. With Google’s new responsive search ads, the T&Cs inside RSA will remain visible at all times.

A change like this is hugely beneficial for ActiveWin’s marketing campaigns, and we plan to capitalise our position on the search engine’s platform. Google themselves have mentioned how to get maximum efficiency out of these new ad formats too. They state that ad groups should include two expanded text ads and RSA as a matter of best practice.

Other best practices to consider include:

  • Providing 5 – 15 distinct headlines
  • Ensure 2 – 3 headlines are related to the target keyword
  • Create at least two descriptions
  • Headlines shouldn’t repeat the same or similar phrases
  • Descriptions must make sense individually and in combination with other copy

Keeping up to date with Google’s changes is a crucial practice in online gambling and casino, the most competitive industries in the UK with an average cost starting at over £50 per click. Our brand partners expect clicks to convert at CPC’s this high, which is why we have employed over 150 digital marketing experts managing every step of the customer journey.

Because we have been so effective in the most competitive industry in the UK, we have applied this same micromanagement of campaigns across a variety of verticals like property, finance, forex, home improvement, recruitment and travel with the same level of successful online conversions. What this proves is that it’s not the keyword that matters, but the strategy behind it.

How do we measure success and improvement in such a booming industry? There are several factors in how to evaluate the performance of responsive search ads:

  • Measure ad group impressions, clicks and conversions and not ad CTR
  • Use drafts and experiments to evaluate performance post implementation
  • Streamline the advertising process to target areas that perform the best.

Success is measured by tracking an increase in clicks and conversions, as this is the overall objective of paid media. To grow online, you need to direct and acquire a specific target audience, so evaluating performance is just as crucial as establishing paid campaigns in the first place. Continue to measure impressions and see when and where is performing best for you.

Responsive search ads help us do precisely this. Since the platform receives over 3 billion separate searches every day, the opportunity to reach out to a larger selected audience is one that we grasp with both hands, and our Google PPC certified team continue to help our clients grow their digital footprint. Get in touch if you would like to discuss doing the same for your brand.