The Evolution of Google

Within our multifaceted and technical digital world, that undertakes adaptions and evolves every single day, lies the continuous heartbeat of Google.

The technology company is undisputedly the most influential platform in shaping the structure of the web, with 40,000 online users navigating across the search engine every second.

Having recently celebrated their 20th birthday, many tributes have poured in online to join in crediting the multinational firm, that holds an influence on organisations across the globe. Here, at ActiveWin, Google are a fundamental part of our digital work, as we work closely with ASA search ads and display media campaigns daily.

Google is Born

Founded in 1998, Google was created by two visionary students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin, with a direct goal of organising the world’s information and making it attainable for all individuals online.

The long-term vision established by both Page and Brin has since been successfully implanted and subsequently, has revolutionised the way we search and navigate across the web. Through billions of indexed pages, Google acts as the internet’s central hub for all searches and helps keep online businesses alive, by diverting traffic towards their sites.

Through these extensive lists of websites, Google’s algorithm system was born, which was designed to rank pages based on their quality and relevancy, based in accordance to the query typed into Google’s search tab.

This ranking system can be credited as being the landmark for the ‘start of SEO’, as it revolutionised the way online businesses conducted their content and websites online. Appearing near the top end of Google’s rankings is subsequently an efficient method behind generating organic traffic, making it imperative for digital marketing companies to capitalise on search engine optimisation.

How ActiveWin Works With Google

At ActiveWin, optimising content and our client’s websites are therefore an integral aspect of our day-to-day business, in which we hold a quality and expertise in-house SEO team.

Through carefully designed SEO campaigns, we help our clients grow online by adopting successfully proven strategies, that help businesses surge up Google’s rankings.

Given the substantial and consistent number of users that Google obtains, their algorithm ranking, however, tends to change almost every day.

These changes can differentiate in terms of factors and complexities, with some changes having a more significant impact on organisations than others down the years.

Google and its Algorithms

For instance, a well-known update was the introduction of Google Penguin, which was launched to lower the rankings of ‘lower quality sites’ that violated Google’s guidelines. Inevitably, the Google we use today is different to both the one first introduced in 1998 and the one we used yesterday.

Technology and Google’s search process continues to revolutionise and adapt to modern-day culture. A major change that Google has adapted to throughout the years is the power of visual marketing, to which graphics content will now appear at the top of a majority of SERPs.

Due to the sheer number of users on the platform, Google continuously works hard to try and simplify a user’s experience when browsing, hence the introduction of voice searching. State of the art smartphones now possesses quality voice-recognition systems, allowing tech-users to search for more complex queries quickly.

Google’s algorithm changes leave many digital marketing companies light on their feet, as they have to continuously create fresh material for consumers when it comes to presenting their client’s content online.

Working closely alongside Google’s guidelines and criteria is subsequently an essential part of ActiveWin’s business strategies, as we always aim to capitalise on the billions of active users on the platform to the most effective degree possible.

Alongside our SEO work are also our PPC and Media Buying team, who work closely together to establish resourceful campaigns that drive traffic towards our client’s websites. Through carefully selected policies, our PPC and Media Buying teams identify the most cost-efficient bidding strategies for our specific clients, as each approach will differ for each selected industry.

As the beating heartbeat at the centre of the digital world, Google remains to be an aspect closely embedded within ActiveWin’s philosophies, as we continue to utilise the platform as the main search hub for all our clients.