Starting A Career In Digital Marketing? We Can Help!

Earlier this year, ActiveWin’s Marketing Communications Manager, Suraj Singh, who started a career in digital marketing after graduating, was invited to sit on the panel of a University of Manchester Alumni event.

A city as vibrant and diverse as Manchester fosters innovation and reinvention, attracting bright students from around the world to enrol in the outstanding academic institutions found here. It is partly the wealth of talent that drew ActiveWin to set up in the UK’s ever-growing north. As a leader in higher learning, The University of Manchester not only offer an education that equips students for future success, but it also inspires postgrads to make a difference. As part of the ongoing efforts to maintain lifelong connections with many of its 280,000 alumni, there are regular events where they are encouraged to share best practices.  In my case, I was invited to join a panel discussion to current Psychology students wanting to move into the world of Business. As a Psychology graduate who’d moved into the world of business, I fit the bill and happily obliged to offer practical advice to the 30+ students that attended.

After some initial apprehensions as to how receptive the students would be, I was impressed with their level of engagement. Despite the typical Manchester deluge of rain, there was a good turnout of students asking relevant and essential questions relating to various industries. As a founding member of the ActiveWin team, it was good to see the level of interest in digital marketing. Apart from traditional PPC and SEO, there has been an explosion of new options for brands to target consumers on a granular level. Native, social, mobile, video and programmatic marketing are delivering outstanding results for advertisers in today’s digital landscape. But this day was not just about digital. The University did an excellent job of finding a range of graduates to sit on the panel including HR, Marketing and Sales professionals from a wide variety of industries.

It was gratifying to offer advice that would hopefully help the students get into their desired industries.

The main points that came across were for the students to:

  • look into extra work experience in their spare time,
  • develop their skills,
  • be proactive with their job search,
  • realise the importance of networking, both in-person and through social media,
  • look for companies offering graduate schemes, and
  • show passion and personality in their interactions.

Some of the student feedback sent over by UoM, showed that students took the advice on board:

“It was a very enthusiastic and varied panel.”

“The best thing about the event was a friendly and engaging atmosphere.”

“The most useful advice was to make connections and be flexible in terms of career choices.”

Not only that, all of the students that attended agreed with the statement “I feel motivated to take action regarding my career” and also decided that “talking to professionals who have studied at Manchester was beneficial”.


If you’re a graduate interested in starting a career in digital marketing, ActiveWin currently has several roles we are recruiting for. If you would like to be considered for a position, please send your CV to