Overlook Video Marketing at Your Peril

It is said that 65% of people are visual learners, meaning that 65% of your client base is too. Video is easily the most engaging way to convey information to your audience in as little time as possible. Combine this with social media and you have the ability to create a marketing powerhouse using as little as the phone in your pocket.

Social Media

Scrolling through your feed on any social media, a video is far more likely to catch the eye than a large block of text, so why are we still seeing endless text centric adverts online? From the launch of YouTube in 2005, the use of video online has far left the novelty videos we had all become accustomed to. With the ever-increasing rise of users consuming video, it is becoming a marketing tool now more than ever. YouTube is raking in 30 million visitors daily and just under 2 billion monthly, meaning there is a whole audience readily available to be converted into sales. All they need is educating. If you ensure that their decision to use your service is as easy as possible, this will lead to conversions. The less questions unanswered the better.


Google loves videos. If its SEO you’re looking for, placing a video on your landing page has shown to increase traffic like nothing else. If you are not doing all you can to be hitting those top 3 spots on a google search, you’re doing it wrong. Backlinks, bounce rates and click-throughs, video is seen to improve them all. A video will double the average time spent on your site and drive up your organic traffic by 157%.

Your SEO campaign should vary depending on which platform you are using (ideally as many as possible). If your aim is specifically traffic through to your site, YouTube and Vimeo have a habit of stealing the limelight as most traffic ends up on there. However, platforms such as Wistia, that have SEO focused features like inserting automatic metadata, may be more tailored to your traffic related needs. The site which you use to host your video is almost as important as the content you are creating.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Whether you’re a real estate agent or a tech start-up, video is key to remaining competitive. Businesses not adapting to keep up with current trends are going to fall short of their competitors. With 81% of businesses using video for marketing, getting your business out there using video is essential to performance. With the ability to approach each campaign from a different angle, the opportunities are infinite. From explainers to reviews, each benefits you differently. ‘Explainers’ educate the consumer leading to more trust and confidence in your brand, hopefully creating conversions. A review by a 3rd party has the same effect but with the added bonus of accessing new audiences. If you can find a relevant, up and coming influencer to review your product, that’s where the money is. Some of the most popular channels on YouTube are review channels, with the most viewed reviews on YouTube amassing hundreds of millions of views. Exposure you cannot afford to miss. Tutorials are also a popular route to go down, with an informative video on your product, consumers feel more trust in the product that they are purchasing.

Big Hitters

To talk video marketing without the mention of the ‘Old Spice’ adverts would be doing them a disservice. Bridging the gap between TV ad campaigns and viral social media videos, a 30 second clip released in 2010 by the deodorant company ‘Old Spice’ received 6 million views in 2 days and has been regularly reappearing all over Facebook ever since. Old Spice is now known specifically for its video marketing campaigns and it’s been working for them ever since.

Old Spice fully embraced video marketing

Our Tips

10 seconds. That’s how long on average before most viewers click off, so make it count. Get straight down to business with short and snappy content and capture their interest within that first 10 seconds.

Post your content on every platform possible. Letting your video fester on your website is not enough. The more platforms, the more exposure, and with the ability for consumers to interact with your post, you want to get it out there. Interactions equal exposure. A quick comment from a viewer on Facebook means that their entire friends list will now be seeing your post and, with the average user having 338 friends, that’s 338 new potential customers for your brand.

Target mobile. Smartphones nowadays are geared towards streaming and consuming video. With bigger screens and better resolutions powering sales of the newest phones its no coincidence that 90% of Twitter video views are on mobile. Targeting mobile includes adding features like closed captions to your video, using large text and zooms on key info to accommodate for the smaller screens. Facebook’s autoplay feature does not enable sound unless the video in question is clicked on, by adding closed captions you can engage your audience without the need for sound.

Keep it unique. As with most marketing, you want to stand out. Whether it’s a new format or a different style of video, avoid clichés and try to keep it new. Take Jason Hornung. With the simple use of a digital whiteboard, his video on targeting buyers for Facebook ads received over 1 million views and 6000 shares.

Jason Hornug has received over 1 million views

By keeping it simple and getting his message across effectively it is easy to see why his video was so successful. The comment section is crammed with enquiries into his business and people looking to pay for his services, a great example for how a simple video can convert viewers into paying customers.

With video not showing any signs of losing popularity in the near future, and no easier way for consumers to digest information, it’s safe to say video marketing is a tool that wont go out of fashion for a long time.