Improving Your Online Brand in 2019

Now that January is out of the way, the new diets and workout plans have started to fade away, and most new year’s resolutions were over before they started. People figure that the summer time is another opportunity to become a ‘better version of themselves’ in time for swimsuit season. But what resolutions have we made and broken in regard to business? How do people perceive your brand based on your social media appearance? Do you look strong and fit, or a bit flabby around the middle?

Social media is constantly growing and becoming more dominant in the marketing industry and, if you want to stay at the top of the game, you need to make sure you are up to date with all the latest trends. Take a read of our recent blog on social media tracking tools.

ActiveWin Media Managing Director, Warren Jacobs, recognises the importance of staying up to date with all things digital, as he said: “Naturally, digital trends change to keep up with the demands of our digital culture. However, one thing that doesn’t change is the need to engage with your audience. Don’t speak at them…talk to them in a meaningful way.

“The best way to do that is by engaging and producing original content, something that we take enormous pride in creating at ActiveWin Media.”

After surveying experts in digital media, we were able to come up with 5 things your business should consider for leaving a strong digital imprint.

Are You Accommodating Mobile Users?

As technology grows, the use of computers is slowly fading. More people are using mobile devices over laptops and desktops for the first time ever. That’s why, when creating your online content, mobile users should be considered as a priority.

Your social and online channels should be easily interactive for mobile use, it is also important to consider that platforms could potentially appear different on a desktop to a mobile device.

If this would make it easier for the user, definitely! When creating online content, your number one aim should be that it is easy to use and looks good as ultimately, these are the most important things to your customers. A digital company worth their salt should be able to provide you with a site that is mobile adaptive and set up in a way that allows search engines to find your business on mobile.

Should You be Using LinkedIn?

We know only too well that, when social media is involved, online influencers are never too far away. They will do everything they can to help promote your brand as well as themselves. Unlike other channels, LinkedIn hasn’t previously been considered a platform that could benefit from the use of influencers. However, over the past year or so we have seen the platform create connections to Bing and strive to create a closer community. This has given the opportunity for B2B influencers to make LinkedIn their preferred platform, particularly because overall engagement has increased over 50% since the new algorithm update towards the end of 2018.

Businesses also found that content and video engagement is 10 times higher on LinkedIn than on other channels such as Facebook. This is allowing LinkedIn to look more appealing to younger demographics (with more young people creating an account as they enter the workplace and/or higher education than ever before), rather than the text-heavy site is has been viewed as in the past.

How Relevant is Facebook Messenger to Your Business?

Back in 1971, when the first email was sent, it is hard to believe we could have predicted just how important email marketing would become to businesses around the world. But just how important are email campaigns going to be in the upcoming year?

The truth is email marketing has earned a spammy reputation by customers who find their inbox stuffed with newsletters, offers and information are irrelevant to them. Audiences prefer personalised information that resonates with the things that matter to them.

Taking this into consideration, businesses have found Facebook messenger to be a more beneficial way of contacting your customers. It is simple for users to click on the links within the message and engage with the content they are presented with, plus it is easier for users to stop the messages if they wish. This makes it far less intrusive.

Is a Chatbot the Best Way to Respond to Your Audience?

Company’s get judged based on their customer service, both online and instore. If this isn’t to somebody’s satisfaction, the whole world will quickly know about it on their personal social media channels.

With that said, we should expect the use of chatbots to be limited over the next year. Chatbots can only store a certain level of information and can often not pick up on personality, humor and other basic human qualities. This can make it difficult to solve any problems customers might have in the most efficient way. A customer service team on hand to solve problems can be appreciated much more by your audience than an automated chatbot, programmed with a number of responses.

Love and Care About Your Audience

A poor online experience could lose your business customers just as quickly as a bad instore experience. You should try to build a strong relationship with your online audience through CRM and allow them to engage within a community. This will also allow brand reputation to be solidified and improve customer lifetime value, as well as building awareness and, in turn, allowing new customers to find and appreciate your brand.

With so many businesses creating and implementing an online strategy every day, it’s even more important than ever for your business to stand out from the rest. This can be done by having the appropriate tracking tools in place and providing real-time customer service. It will show your audience that your priority is meeting their needs and will eventually provide your business with loyal, returning customers.


There are so many more details we should take into consideration when creating an online presence. By including our recommendations into your strategy, you will have the foundations to build a strong online profile for a successful business, both offline and online.