How YouTube has become a Leading Marketing Tool

In the midst of the technology revolution, in which the human race has quickly evolved into a digital society, one platform continues to stand out from the rest - YouTube.

A world without YouTube seems to be an inconceivable thought – where else would we watch funny videos during our lunch break, or get the opportunity to view images captured on mobiles of unnerving social behaviour? The video-sharing website, since its foundation in 2005, has become the internet’s central hub for online videos, and one of the largest search engines on the planet. From sports highlights, podcasts, pranksters, political antics and even famous cats, the site holds endless reels of footage that can keep users mesmerised for hours on end.

However, over the last four years, YouTube has evolved into something so much more than videos. It is now a platform that creates job opportunities, careers and the new generation of celebrities. With an average monthly usage of over 1.5bn viewers, YouTube is second behind Google in being the second most visited websites of the calendar year – a number which drives mainstream media bonkers and desperately trying to play catch up.

There has also been a massive influx of YouTube viewers of a younger age, with the new generation of technology users now being more accustomed to finding online videos, as opposed to turning on a TV. Statistics now state that an incredible 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV. And with fewer adverts and no time schedules, why wouldn’t you?

This enormous change that YouTube has experienced has subsequently lead to many digital marketing companies now turning to the online site as a platform to advertise. YouTube advertising is now a common occurrence in nearly all videos, in which ads typically last 30 secs – 2 minutes long. With a wide range of aged users but most specifically, a large group of young tech-hungry kids, the site has become an excellent path for organisations to share their message.  

The Numbers are Mind Boggling

The only site currently bigger than YouTube is Google, which could be why the search giant acquired the site back in 2006. Now with 5 billion videos being watched per day, YouTube’s stats and viewing figures are mindboggling.

One event hosted by YouTube that grasped the web by storm was the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing fight, with the two YouTubers holding over 35 million subscribers between them. Despite not holding any boxing qualifications, the two put on a blockbuster show, selling 21,000 tickets at Manchester’s MEN arena and attracting over 800,000 pay-per-view users. The two capitalised on an effective YouTube marketing campaign and the event reportedly accumulated over £15m

The spectacle highlighted just how much power YouTube commands and is a reason why more businesses should consider the platform when trying to grow their image online. Just like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, YouTube attracts engaged users who enjoy exploring online content. 

The Future of all Organisations?

In contemporary times, it appears to only be onwards and upwards for YouTube.

The site consistently smashes viewing statistics and continues to grow each day. Similar to how businesses should have a social media presence o Facebook and Twitter, brands of all sizes are turning to YouTube Marketing for customer engagement.

The typical misconstruction with YouTube is that content must always be a vlog or a video that has to ‘break the internet.’ Instead, it can simply be a useful way for businesses to share their products and content quickly and cheaply. Images overlaid with text and music can work just as well, AS LONG AS IT’S GOOD. Your videos can range from a 2-minute introduction on your business to something as simple as ‘Top 3 deals of the month.’

YouTube’s popularity continues to rise – Join the trend and hop online now dramatically.