Google Ads: The App

For those of you who use Google Ads, you may be aware that they are launching an updated version of the mobile app. All of the latest updates to Google as a whole were revealed on the 14th May during Google Marketing Live, an annual affair where they unveil their newest products and get our insights on what to build for the future.

Firstly, let’s acknowledge that mobile usage for search and surfing the web is growing. As of 2018, Ofcom found that 76% of mobile phone users were using their phone for data and web access. Whether we’re on the move or sat watching TV in the background, there’s bound to be something crop up which you will end up picking your phone up to search for. Whether you’re prompted by advertising or having a leisurely search for the “best restaurants” near you, it will probably be on your phone.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that from a business perspective, we should be able to check up on campaigns and stay on top of everything on the move, too. It’s no surprise that between 2010 and 2017, the percentage of total internet advertising spend on mobile grew from 2% to 45%, according to the above report from Ofcom.

Google Ads App

Onwards to the app itself, then.

Obviously, you can keep an eye on your current Google Ads campaigns in the app. Currently, we can only pause and activate text ads in the app.

Google has stepped things up a notch this time, though, making it truly so easy to keep on top of performance, identifying spikes or dips with certain keywords.

Google Ads app update

The Google Ads app update allows business owners or campaign managers to create and edit Responsive Search ads directly from the app. Yes, that means that if you’re on the move and something urgent comes up, you need not worry as you can sort it on the app.

If you’re expecting a spike in a particular search term, for example, if there’s been an ad on the TV or radio, or it’s being discussed on social media, you will need to get on it as soon as you can. If it is relevant to your business, of course.

The Update

With the updated version of the app, you can write the creative, fine-tune the headline and set bids and budgets for keywords, directly from your smartphone.

What’s more, is that you can add new or negative keywords if you want to tweak a Google Ads campaign. You can even pause poorly performing keywords if necessary. Changes will be immediately applied.

Smart Bidding is a subset of intelligent automated bid strategies that use machine learning to optimise for conversions in every auction. The new Google Ads app will allow you to opt in to all smart bidding strategies.

Another key feature of keeping track of campaigns on the go is that the app can send you updates when there are new opportunities to improve performance. This means you can rest assured that if there is potential to maximise on the available opportunities, you will know about it before it is too late.

There are also some improvements in the local campaigns. Combined with Google maps, businesses can serve ads on there when a user is planning or navigating a route nearby. Obviously, this depends where on the map the user is looking, but it is a fantastic opportunity for businesses with brick-and-mortar stores.

More Exciting Things From Google Ads

As well as these useful and intelligent updates to the Google Ads mobile app, there is more to look forward to in the coming months from Google.

At Google Marketing Live, it was announced that we can expect to see Gallery and Discovery ads across the board soon.

Discovery Ads will be integrated across the YouTube home feed, Gmail and Google’s discover feature. When a related search term is entered, adverts personalised to that search will appear. This stays true to Google’s mission to be there, be useful and be responsible. More reach for your ads is only good news, right!

The power of image and video is so strong and continues to grow, and 75% of smartphone users expect immediate information. As a result, Gallery Ads are born. These are swipe-able images of different products, each with their own descriptions, which people can click on straight from the results page.

Gallery Ads will be displayed at the very top of the results and can perform up to 25% more actions than standard ads.

Keep an eye on your Google Ads account and app to see when these features will be readily available!

Our Verdict

The developments with the app are bound to make campaign management on the move so easy, we will shortly forget how we managed without them! Now is a very exciting time to be utilising Google Ads as there is so much on offer. There are many additions and ways to work a PPC campaign to suit your own requirements, that it really is viable for every kind of business.

Of course, with pros there come cons. There are reports of some glitches with campaigns on the app so you may need to keep check of what is happening. Sometimes, updates are mentioned at these Google events and we have to wait a long time for them to actually surface. 

If you haven’t already got the app, get it downloaded and see for yourself how the new on-the-go features could help you with your campaign management.

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