Digital Marketing Landmarks in September

Digital marketing is an industry that refuses to stand still, as online businesses evolve and change every single day. Alongside our own ground-breaking work, it is therefore important to stay updated with all the latest online trends and moments in the digital world.

September was a real hit for online campaigns. From Nike adverts, to console throwbacks and even eccentric billionaire Elon Musk appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast, the month was filled with some unorthodox, yet effective marketing strategies. ActiveWin looks back on the month’s most iconic digital moments.

Nike’s Controversial but Powerful Advert

September was the month where Nike effectively ‘broke the internet.’

Many will be familiar with Nike’s most recent advert that drew attention across the globe, featuring controversial American football player Colin Kaepernick, who is notoriously recognised for kneeling during the American national anthem back in 2016. Kaepernick’s justification for his actions was protesting racial injustices occurring in the US.

The decision from Nike to employ Kaepernick in their ad campaign was undoubtedly a bold one, as negative feedback was inevitable, but one Nike was prepared to take on. First things first, from a digital perspective, the campaign was a hit -  the official TV advert reached over 10m views on YouTube in the opening 24 hours alone.

Many have labelled the move by Nike as a rebellious campaign, in which they are being praised for staying relevant with current affairs and for speaking to the younger generation. Nike has never been afraid to engage with political activity and is a reason why they continue to strive in the modern world – they challenge the norm. By staying faithful to their beliefs, Nike continues to build on a brand that aims to revolutionise the urban youth, who idolise Nike’s figures and ideologies.

Their latest ad was a digital campaign that was designed to draw responses across the world and Nike will assess their latest social media operation as a hit.

Elon Musk Grabs the Mic

Unlike most CEOs, Elon Musk is certainly not one to shy away from the mainstream or social media. As the chief executive of the colossal firms Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink, Musk holds a reported net worth of over $20bn, but this doesn’t stop the eccentric entrepreneur from adopting a hands-on approach when it comes to his marketing campaigns.

The most recent PR stunt from Musk was his attendance on Joe Rogan’s podcast which went viral online, resulting in over 10m views on YouTube in just three days. The podcast simply consisted of the two talking about Musk’s achievements and his long-term visions for his globally recognised companies. This unorthodox marketing technique, when considering the size of Musk’s organisations, is, however, one that drew a positive reception from listeners, who were intrigued to gain a further insight into the thought process and personality of the tech-superstar.

A strategy so simple as a podcast shows that not every campaign has to surround pushing products, but instead, Musk simply supplied a human face to his tech businesses and gave off a welcoming and friendly vibe. Joe Rogan’s dedicated listeners were a fan of Musk and the leading CEO certainly gained some more fans in the process.

Blast from the Past - PlayStation Goes Retro

In the midst of a technological revolution and a new wave of young generational gamers, PlayStation has decided to back to their roots and release a product for their slightly elder customers, following their release of the new Mini PlayStation Classic.

The small device, which can be hooked up to TV’s, has had 90’s kids squirming with excitement, as the console includes some of the classic games of Tekken 3, Jumping Flash and Ridge Racer. Despite the modern craze over virtual reality headsets and paper-thin gaming consoles, PlayStation’s throwback to their original device has won over the hearts of their most loyal customers.

Their TV commercial, which includes the clean and smart looking product, alongside the old-school graphics of the games, were received by a mountain of positive responses from gamers, who will jump at the opportunity to relive some of their childhood games. The campaign from PlayStation was a small stroke of marketing genius and highlights the importance for businesses to reward loyalty.

Onwards and Upwards for ActiveWin

It has been another strong month for the ActiveWin family. The start of the month saw two of our employees become officially ASA Certified, after completing the course at Apple’s HQ in London, making them just two of fifteen individuals across Europe to become certified.

With the footballing season and the Premier League now in full flow, our affiliates have been in pole position to continue pushing their football strategies and create new sponsorship opportunities, as the league continues to be pumped with more foreign investment.

Following the recent change in Google’s new algorithm ranking system, in which ‘same meaning queries’ will slowly be replacing ‘exact match queries’, our SEO team has been staying updated with the latest changes, to ensure that work remains efficiently optimised.

Every month, new digital campaigns create waves within the online world, as consumers continue to become hooked and stay interacted with businesses that maintain a presence on the web. Reaching out to customers online remains the most efficient way in growing a name or ideology for businesses and it is therefore important to remain aware of all the hottest and current digital campaigns across the globe.