Digital Marketing In Marbella – ActiveWin’s Social Side


The 5 day working week has us spending more time behind our desks and far too little time curled up on the sofa. So giving your staff some time to socialise and get to know one another harbours some real benefits. As you expand, a happy, motivated workforce will be your greatest asset; and ultimately, will set you apart from the competition.

Here at ActiveWin, we are proud to consider ourselves one big family (with a few extended cousins here and there). Together we celebrate our triumphs and persevere through the stressful times. Last week the team jetted off to the sunny shores of Marbella for a trip to celebrate how far we’ve come in two years. With an ISO certification and new contracts already under our belt this year, we felt it was important to celebrate in style. Here’s how it went:

Despite a 06.15 start at Manchester Airport to begin the gruelling check-in process, team spirit was high and everyone was looking forward to some Spanish sun. We stayed at the glorious Marbella Playa hotel, with its delightful view of the sea (and free WiFi for our die-hard digital marketing bunnies, who simply couldn’t leave their laptops at home).

After a few hours of sun-fuelled relaxation it was time for our first exciting activity: the boat party. The views were stunning. The air was crisp. And a slightly choppy sea set the scene for a fantastic ‘how long can you keep your balance for’ dance party.

The second day began – relatively early – with end of year team presentations. It was an opportunity for the managers to show off their budget-beating numbers, and for the staff to learn a little more about ActiveWin and its exciting future. We have achieved so much in such a short space of time; from a single client to over a dozen in two years. In fact, we manage campaigns in virtually every continent…with the exception of Antarctica; and our affiliate program has seen seen over 30,000 affiliates sign up from every corner of the globe.

Following a few hours of post-presentation sun, everyone returned to base for the first (and possibly last, based on the cringe factor) annual ActiveWin talent show. With incredible acts from speedy pint downing (“it’s a talent, honest”) to heroic limbo competitions. None, however, entertained us more than the managed marketing services team’s hypnotism routine, which saw the wonderful Chelsea from customer services jump into the pool…fully-clothed!

As evening fell we took to the beach for a barbecue by the shore. The delightful food and infectious music kept us going until barely an hour before sunrise, by which time at least three people had followed Chelsea’s lead and jumped fully-clothed straight into the sea.

On the last day many of us were simply too tired to leave the beach (and the sun didn’t make it any easier either). Those of us who did enjoyed the tranquil setting of Marbella’s old town, with live street music, narrow, winding roads and a local bar or restaurant adorning every corner. A worthy end to a wonderful week.


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