ActiveWin attend TiE UK North Pioneering Women Event

At ActiveWin Media Ltd, we like to keep our finger on the pulse, getting out and about in Manchester, supporting local businesses, and fostering entreprenurial spirit.

We were therefore delighted to be invited to TiE UK North’s recent Pioneering Women event.

Guest speakers were Lise Pape, the Founder of Walk With Path, Liz Cousins, General Manager of North West Veterinary Specialists, and Nicola Gleave, the Founder of Worn By Us.

Each woman had a unique but equally inspiring story regarding their entrepreneurial journey so far.

Lise described how her father suffering from Parkinson’s disease gave her the impetus to use her varied degrees - in design engineering and human biology - to create new products which could assist Parkinson’s sufferers with walking. She also paid tribute to organisations such as TiE, which have enabled her to meet and potentially collaborate with other entrepreneurs all over the world.

Liz had a very different tale to tell, from working in the healthcare service for more than 30 years, to transferring the management skills that had made her successful, to the growing market for animal healthcare.

Last but not least, Nicola Gleave shared her story. From the breast cancer diagnosis, which spurred her on to want to make a difference, all the way through to the sustainable high-end clothes resale site, which continues to expand.

The event was hosted by JMW and guests had the opportunity to network before and after the talks.

ActiveWin had a strong presence at the event, with SEO Manager Aude Barbera, Content & SEO Executive Elle Brunton, Junior SEO Executive Maria Fernandez De Osso Fuentes, and TradeFred Project Manager Josefina Villanueva-Alonso all in attendance.

You can keep track of TiE’s upcoming local events on the website.