5G Network: From The Future To The Present

Mobile phones are practically an extension of the human body these days. Wherever we go, the digital devices that have become our comfort blankets are with us every step of the way.

Next time you use public transport, take a moment to look up from your own screen and check out how many fellow passengers are also transfixed on theirs.

It’s a habit that has become second nature and accessing the internet on our mobiles is now just expected to be there when we want it; there really is nothing worse than that little buffering circle.  

To combat that agonising few seconds, the UK is pulling into Destination 5G, the latest network coverage that promises quicker speeds, faster downloads, and more importantly, less buffering time, even on the train.

Earlier this week, the number of places that are now covered by 5G increased as O2 and BT joined the likes of EE, Vodafone, and Three in rolling out the new service across the country.

What is 5G?

5G is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the fifth generation of mobile networks and is set to be quicker, more reliable, and offer an overall better service than that currently operated by the widely available and regularly used 3G and 4G networks.

Industry experts have nicknamed it “the network of networks” for the way it will bind together existing and future standards and improve other aspects in the future.

Not only will it help with the internet on our mobile devices, but it will also help to develop 5G broadband, with no need for landlines, super-smart factories, car to car communication, driverless cars and even 5G TVs.

Who offers 5G in the United Kingdom?

As of mid-October 2019, there are currently five providers offering 5G network in the UK. EE was the first to do so in May, followed by Vodafone in July, Three in August and, most recently, O2 and BT. 

From a customer’s point of view, Vodafone is perhaps offering the best 5G service currently as its network is available in 15 different UK cities (compared to EE who are the next best with nine).

In total, 5G is now available in 17 towns and cities across Great Britain, including Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, and London.

It’s not just England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland that are benefitting from the launch of 5G either. It has already started to be rolled out in the United States and South Korea, but both those countries have limited coverage so far.

The Battle of the Fastest

The keyword when it comes to 5G is speed, which is good news for consumers.

EE reckons that users should see average speeds of between 100 and 150mbps faster than 4G, although peak speeds should hit over 1Gbps.

Three is really pushing the boat out by promising customers speeds twice as fast as its rivals, meaning speeds of over 2Gbps. 

Despite that, some experts believe that speeds could eventually surpass all those figures, with totals of over 100Gbps, which would make it 100 times faster than the 4G we have become accustomed to.

Thumbs Up for Businesses

The release of 5G network coverage across the UK isn’t just good news for individuals.

Yes, it will make it easier for our social surfing, but it will also have huge benefits for business.

Workers will now be able to easily work remotely, or even operate machinery from afar through 4K, AR, and VR technologies.

That will have a positive knock-on effect on productivity. Also, 5G should help to speed up working processes when travel is required, thanks to a boost to smart and automated transport (making remote working far less frustrating).

5G should also be of benefit to rural communities who should see speeds drastically increase. In turn, that should open up new opportunities for businesses to offer more jobs and services in those kinds of areas and maybe even create whole new products and industries that weren’t available before.

For digital agencies like ActiveWin, the main benefit will be that the banners, landing pages, offers, content, and social media activity we create for clients will load faster for their customers. The impact it has on conversion is yet to be determined, but we believe it will be a positive one.

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